Larry Fessenden’s production outfit Glass Eye Pix presents a slate of ultra low budget Scareflix designed to exploit hungry new talent and inspire resourceful filmmakers to produce quality work through seat-of-the-pants ingenuity. Low budget drive-in fare for dvd collectors and genre fanatics, these scary movies offer faces both familiar and new in chilling tales that celebrate the diversity of the horror film, and nurture emerging talents of the genre.

Says Fessenden:
"It's not
so much that I loved the Corman films as loved the legends of deals, guts and balls that drove Corman and his myth: launching movies because the set was available, re-using props and costumes, those sorts of stories. In any case, he's associated with many cinema heroes: Karloff, Price, Nicholson. He created a fertile environment for old timers to wrap up their careers and newcomers to prepare for theirs. Corman made westerns, war movies, biker films, and the horror movies with Vincent Price. That's the model for Scareflix.

"Add to that my own interest in the diverse range of tones and subtexts that dwell in the horror genre, and the array of affordable tools available to the creative filmmaker today and we have the makings of some classy entertainment. All we need now are some drive-ins to show these pictures!"

--Larry Fessenden October 2003



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