SCAREFLIX 2009-2010 DarK SkY Films & Glass Eye Pix

There were already 6 Scareflix in the can when Glass Eye Pix was introduced to Dark Sky Films through a producing collaboration between Josh Braun and Roger Kass for Ti West's film THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

With the successful completion of that film, the challenge went out to make a Slate of ultra low budget films that would serve the two companies and the filmmakers involved.

My producing partners Peter Phok and Brent Kunkle and all of us at Glass Eye Pix are very excited to able to continue our mission of making auteur-driven genre movies with this partnership.

We've had a great dialogue ramping into it with Greg Newman, Marie-Therese Guirgis and Senior Producer Derek Curl and we all see eye to eye on what these movies are going to be like. We are looking forward to the collaboration.

-- Larry Fessenden June 2009


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